Silberline Silvex® 410-15-D

Other Engineering Material,Additive/Filler for Polymer




Silvex® D grades are aluminum pigment flakes dampened with a plasticizer to help prevent the individual flakes from becoming airborne during handling and processing. They are well suited for use in liquid colorant applications where processing temperatures are below the volatilization point of the carrier. Silvex® D grades are compatible with a variety of resins including vinyl, polyolefins and styrene. Silvex® D grades are dampened with diisodecyl phthalate. Silvex® D grades can be used in vinyl screen printing ink formulations with good results. In order to maintain optimum aesthetics, Silvex® grades should be dispersed properly.

Applications: Plastics

Silberline Silvex® 410-15-D 物性表
物理性能额定值 (公制)额定值 (英制)测试方法
粒径 µm µm
热性能额定值 (公制)额定值 (英制)测试方法
Flash Point °C °F
% Carrier15
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