Ranger PBT PBT-201-G10 272


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Unreinforced grades have abundant strength and flexibility, and have strong characteristics against brittleness.

UL-certified slow-burning(94HB) and self-extinguishing grades(94V-0,V-2) exist, and electrical properties exhibited are the highest of any thermoplastic.

Low water absorption is exhibited, and excellent electrical properties(CTI and GWIT) are retained over extended periods of usages, even with widely varied temperature and humidity conditions.

The surface of molded products is smooth, and a low coefficient of friction is exhibited.As the amount of froction is low, PBT is suitable for use in application requiring friction and wear properties.

The material is exceptionally reliable, with small in-use dimensional variation, and superior molding stability and dimensional precision.

Long-term chemical resistance is exceptional, and at room temperature, there is almost no degradation in properties after.

Both unreinforced and reinforced grades exhibit exceptional flowability, and excellent processability.

Application:VCD drive frames\ Connectors\ Trimmers\ Switch buttons for gas-fired instantaneous water heaters\ Relay blocks\ Driers\ Rectifiers\ Outer handles\ Height sensor cases\ Door mirror stays\ Drive component housings\ Energy saving lamp.
Ranger PBT PBT-201-G10 272 物性表
  • 尺寸稳定性良好
  • 低摩擦系数
  • 高强度
  • 可加工性,良好
  • 良好的电气性能
  • 良好的流动性
  • 良好的柔韧性
  • 耐化学性良好
  • 吸水低或不吸水
  • 优良外观
  • 阻燃性
  • 电气/电子应用领域
  • 汽车领域的应用
  • 外壳
  • 照明装置
  • 粒子
  • 注射成型
比重 g/cm³ASTM D792
收缩率 - 流动 %ASTM D955
吸水率 (23°C, 24 hr)%ASTM D570
抗张强度 (屈服)MPaASTM D638
弯曲模量 MPaASTM D790
弯曲强度 MPaASTM D790
悬壁梁缺口冲击强度 kJ/m²ASTM D256
无缺口伊佐德冲击强度 kJ/m²ASTM D256
载荷下热变形温度 ASTM D648
    0.45 MPa, 未退火 °CASTM D648
    1.8 MPa, 未退火 °CASTM D648
体积电阻率 (2.00 mm)ohms·cmASTM D257
介电强度 (2.00 mm)kV/mmASTM D149
介电常数 (50 Hz)ASTM D150
耗散因数 (50 Hz)ASTM D150
UL 阻燃等级 UL 94
    0.800 mm UL 94
    1.60 mm UL 94
料筒后部温度 °C
料筒中部温度 °C
料筒前部温度 °C
射嘴温度 °C
模具温度 °C
注塑压力 MPa
背压 MPa
螺杆转速 rpm
Injection Time: 3 to 15 secTime Pressure: 2 to 5 secTotal Cycle: 15 to 50 sec
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