Hydrin® C2000

环氧; 环氧树脂

Zeon Chemicals L.P.


HYDRIN® ELASTOMERS (CO/ECO/GECO), based on polyepichlorohydrin, have an excellent balance of properties for automobile applications. They exhibit notable low-temperature flexibility and adjustable dampening characteristics in addition to heat, oil and fuel resistance. More recently, Hydrin elastomers have shown a good balance of price and performance in the biofuel market. With great resistance to biodiesel fuels and ozone, Hydrin is a viable material for hose cover stock. The homopolymer Hydrin H (CO) shows superior permeation resistance to gases and air, while the copolymer (ECO) and terpolymer (GECO) products are inherently static-dissipative. GECO is an excellent candidate for charge and developer rolls in laser printers. A low-Mooney terpolymer for rolls with enhanced conductivity s now available. Terpolymers can be sulfur- or peroxide-cured.

Special Properties/Applications
Fuel pump diaphragms, hose, coated fabrics and vibration mounts. Can also impart antistatic properties to plastics.
Hydrin® C2000 物性表
  • 低温下的柔性
  • 共聚物
  • 抗静电性
  • 耐臭氧性能
  • 耐燃油性
  • 耐热性,高
  • 耐油性能
  • 隔膜
  • 管道
  • 汽车领域的应用
  • 织物涂料
比重 g/cm³
门尼粘度 MU
玻璃转化温度 °CDSC
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