ChronoThane™ P 80A

聚氨酯 (MDI)

CardioTech International, Inc.


ChronoThane P is a family of aromatic ether based polyurethane elastomers. With a long history of reliable performance, this medical grade polymer has the versatility to be used across a broad range of applicational areas including catheters, ports and access devices.

These biocompatible materials possess characteristics such as low coefficient of friction, low extractables, dimensional stability, high impact resistance, and excellent tear strength.

ChronoThane P allows for ease of manufacturability and can be processed using conventional extrusion or injection molding equipment. These materials are available in hardnesses ranging from 75 Shore A to 75 Shore D.

AdvanSource Biomaterials synthesizes and manufactures medical grade materials offering the ability to tailor physical and mechanical characteristics to support and enhance your end product design.

These mechanical characteristic's, critical to the design and development of medical devices, can incorporate a wide range of physical and chemical properties while maintaining core characteristics such as biodurability and biocompatibility. In most materials, specialized characteristics such as the addition of colorant agents or antimicrobial properties (where applicable) can be added to the polymer to provide a homogenous material and limit secondary processing steps.

In addition, radiopaque agents may also be incorporated into the formula to provide additional product enhancements and may contain up to 40%, by weight, of a radiopaque agent thus allowing varied-scale visibility options.

With an expanding range of secondary operations including custom solution development, prototype coating capabilities, and project management services, ASB's expert team of chemists, scientists, engineers and industry professionals assist in every stage of customers' projects, from concept initiation through full-scale manufacture.
ChronoThane™ P 80A 物性表
  • 尺寸稳定性良好
  • 低萃取物
  • 低摩擦系数
  • 芳香
  • 抗撞击性,高
  • 良好的撕裂强度
  • 生物兼容性
  • 无动物源性成分
  • 医疗/护理用品
  • ISO 10993 Part 5
  • USP 第VI类
  • 粒子
熔流率(熔体流动速率) (190°C/3.26 kg)g/10 minASTM D1238
吸水率 (饱和)%ASTM D570
肖氏硬度 (邵氏 A)ASTM D2240
抗张强度 ASTM D638
    断裂 MPaASTM D638
    50% 应变 MPaASTM D638
    100% 应变 MPaASTM D638
    200% 应变 MPaASTM D638
    300% 应变 MPaASTM D638
伸长率 (断裂)%ASTM D638
干燥温度 - 热风干燥机 °C
干燥时间 - 热风干燥机 hr
Dew Point °C
建议的最大水分含量 %
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